Jupiter bakery started as a side project while I was attending pastry school at the International Culinary Center in SoHo. A friend thought getting freshly baked sweets delivered to her office a few times a week would be nice (who wouldn't?) and I thought it would be great to have a hungry audience to taste test new recipes. Her boss loved the idea of having freshly baked treats as a perk for everyone in the office, so I went to the kitchen and got to work.

It turned out that more than just a few people in the office liked my baked goods and they soon doubled their order. People swarmed the reception desk as soon as I arrived. They all wanted to know what dessert I had baked for them that day. People sitting at the back of the office protested that they were at a disadvantage since they couldn't see when I came by to drop off the sweets and they were all gone by the time they found out about them. A rule was implemented, forbidding anyone to touch the desserts until a company-wide email had announced their arrival.

I like baking because it makes people happy. It makes me happy to bake. I guess I just never imagined it would make people this happy. Some people told me it's the surprise of not knowing what kind of treat they're getting that makes it fun. Another person said it was the fact that they're freshly baked and they knew who and where the sweets were coming from. Someone unabashedly told me it was because it made them feel special to know I was baking just for them.

Life is sweet. Enjoy it :)